IAB Technologies

As a trusted partner in genomic projects, the Institute of Applied Biotechnologies a.s. (IAB) has handpicked a varied distribution portfolio of the most exceptional technological solutions, so you can reach beyond the frontiers of current knowledge. We can provide you with the state-of-the-art technology to efficiently extract unprecedented-quality DNA/RNA isolates from complicated samples like FFPE using IsoTachoPhoresis. You can precisely focus your genome or transcriptome sequencing and prepare targeted NGS libraries. Quite the opposite approach allows you to aim for undesirable sequences in your library with CRISPR/CAS9 molecular scissors. With special Linked-Reads NGS libraries, you can easily make your short-read sequencer output long-reads at almost no cost. Moreover, if you need a distant view of the genome organization to observe large structural variants and changes, Optical Genome Mapping is here for you. Or are you interested in the spatial 3D structure of chromatin in the nucleus that reveals new gene interaction levels? No problem with IAB. IAB's edge-cutting technological portfolio allows you to study genomes and transcriptomes on many levels with unrivalled precision. It is only up to you whether to entrust your project to our hands or select the solution for use in your lab. IAB is here for you.