IAB strategy for COVID-19 testing

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DIOS RT-qPCR Screening Kit and DIOS RT-qPCR POCT Kit


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High-quality NGS sequencing of SARS-Cov 2 virus generating data for de novo assembly.

IAB Service

We provide sequencing services to public and private healthcare and as well as for research partners. NGS services from one sample to the whole project.


The IAB TSO 500 represents a powerful assay enabling the genomic profiling of DNA (523 genes) and RNA (55 genes) variants implicated in various tumor types.

IAB Exome

The IAB Exome represents a cost-effective alternative to whole-genome sequencing.  IAB Exom targets clinically relevant exome regions.


The IAB RNA-seq product can be used for precise detection of differentially expressed genes (DEG)  from bacteria to mammals with strand specificity.

IAB Genome

IAB genome is prepared with PCR free workflow to ensure the minimum bias presentence due to eliminating PCR step.

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