IAB Genomic Services

Institute of Applied Biotechnologies a.s. (IAB) is a leading provider of customized genomic projects operating in central Europe. We will support you in every step of your project, from experimental design, through sample processing to data analysis. Our state-of-the-art genomic facility is ready to cater to all your specific needs. Our cutting-edge technologies including latest NGS sequencers, isotachophoresis isolation system or optical genome mapping platform, combined with our controlled workflow standards and proprietary IAB protocols based on best-in-class solutions, are ready to deliver unparalleled precision and accuracy to your data and analysis.

Our experienced team of skilled scientists and bioinformatic experts will ensure your project receives the highest level of attention where it is needed the most. Whether you require whole genome / exome / transcriptome sequencing, and/or bioinformatic analysis of your data, we will guide you through the whole process towards meaningful insights and breakthrough discoveries.
We understand that no two scientific or clinical projects are the same and therefore we’ll provide a tailor-made solution from beginning to end. Hundreds of successfully finalized projects speak for themselves. Contact us with your request to get your individual proposal and price quote.