NGS solutions by TWIST

TWIST workflow empowers you to enhance your sequencing depth while optimizing overall sequencing efficiency. Elevate your confidence in results with our library preparation kits and enrichment panels, available for order at IAB. Let us help you achieve superior outcomes.

Library Preparation

TWIST delivers dependable and robust library preparation workflows for Next Generation Sequencing. Whether employing enzymatic or mechanical fragmentation, TWIST library prep kits guarantee high yields of uniformly sized library fragments. This pivotal step ensures data consistency for NGS applications, forming a cornerstone for successful downstream processes. TWIST's protocols accommodate diverse sample types, inputs, and GC contents. All TWIST library preparation kits are part of the IAB portfolio. Contact us to discover the ideal fit for your needs.

Target enrichment

IAB also presents best-in-class target enrichment panels by TWIST. The combination of precise oligonucleotide synthesis and a scalable silicon-based manufacturing platform enables the rapid generation of highly customizable probe panels. These panels can cover anything from a few genes to a full exome. Choose from several fixed panels, including TWIST’s Human Exome 2.0, Human Comprehensive Exome, or Mitochondrial Panel. Additionally, you have the flexibility to customize these panels with custom spike-ins or design your own panel from scratch. TWIST’s target enrichment solutions deliver unparalleled performance, ensuring high sequencing uniformity of target regions and a remarkable on-target rate. All panels undergo NGS quality control to guarantee the quality and reproducibility of your workflow.