The Institute of Applied Biotechnologies Inc. (IAB) was established in 2005 with a focus on research, development and manufacturing of products for molecular diagnostics.

In 2014 NGS laboratory was set up, and IAB became a specialised provider of NGS services for various complex projects.

In 2017 the ENIGMA (Etalon of National Interpreted Genome Map) collaborative project was launched, and experimental protocols for WGS, as well as WES analysis, were validated. ENIGMA represented the first population genomics project in the Czech Republic with the aim to develop a digital genome standard for the Czech population and thus significantly increase the potential for the implementation of novel molecular diagnostic procedures and protocols.

In 2021 the IAB sequencing expert team, together with the informatic and bioinformatic group, established CEDIGE – CEnter of DIgital GEnomics. Currently, IAB expert team specialises in Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) protocol development and validation with extraordinary bioinformatics expertise, providing a complete NGS solution powered by State-of-the-art technologies.

IAB provides a wide range of services for genomic analyses using the top-notch Next Generation Sequencing technologies, including Illumina’s NovaSeq X Plus. The most modern bioinformatics analytical tools and procedures include CLC and QCII from QIAGEN, Dragen and Emedgene from Illumina, or Congenica, ensuring the processing of large genomic and genetic data for accurate and consistent interpretation of NGS results.

The mission of IAB is to provide tailored, innovative, scalable and flexible NGS services to both research and public or private healthcare professionals in order to meet their needs and enable them to fulfil their scientific or diagnostics mission.