Is the shipping of the samples included in the total price? 


Can I organize the shipping of the samples by myself? 

The IAB company manages sample transportation by itself.

How is the sample shipping managed? 

First, we contact you by phone or email to check the availability of your samples. Then we supply you with the IAB transport box including tubes and holders. Once the samples are ready, we deliver them to the IAB Olomouc laboratory.

Sample QC

What is the Sample specification sheet (SSS)?

It is an excel file, where the customer should provide the relevant data related to the particular sample, such as e.g. type of sample – NGS library or nucleic acids DNA/RNA, volume – µl, concentration – ng/µl, a solution used for DNA/RNA dilution, etc..

Without this information, no service can be processed. The customer will receive the empty SSS excel file via an e-mail before the transport of samples would be managed.

Do you process all my samples through your QC?

Yes, we thoroughly check the quality of incoming samples.

Why the producer, together with accurate identification of indexes and their sequences are relevant?

In the case, you supply us with an already prepared pool of NGS libraries, the producer of the index is one of the inputs essential for the accurate differentiation of samples.

Do you start the protocol with samples that don’t pass your IAB sample QC? 

No. In this case, we always contact the customer with the QC results as well as with the suggestion of possibilities.

Why do you need the dilution buffer used for DNA/RNA dilution?

Firstly, the right dilution buffer is crucial for good absorbance results. Secondly, some NGS Library preparation kits get worse results with some buffers.

NGS library QC and sequencing

Do you sequence samples that don’t pass your IAB library QC? 

No. We always contact the customer with the QC results as well as with the suggestion of a solution.

In the case of the sequencing of the poll of libraries without their preparation, why do you need to know what kit was used for the preparation of the library?

Each kit and related protocol for libraries preparation has some relevant specifics and we need to know some crucial theoretical parameters such as e.g. high/low diversity of libraries, a typical distribution of fragments,… Those are essential for the accurate setting of the sequencing run.


What is the minimal output of yield data?

The minimal output of data is based on the used sequencing platform and chemistry. It is typically defined by the producer Illumina. This parameter is always discussed with the customer before the beginning of the service.

What are the possibilities if the provided sequencing indices of samples are wrong?

We will extract the indices from sequenced data and provide them back to allow you to double-check the sample-index combination in your laboratory.


What kind of bioinformatics analysis do I need?

It depends on your need. We always do the primary bioinformatics analysis.

What does the „primary bioinformatics“ mean?

IAB’s primary bioinformatics analysis includes raw data QC, demultiplexing of pooled libraries into individual samples, and FASTQ QC.

What does the „secondary bioinformatics“ mean?

IAB’s secondary bioinformatics analysis includes mapping to the reference genome, coverage QC, germline SNP/InDel calling, somatic SNP/InDel calling, statistics, and annotation.

How do you share the sequencing outputs?

We share the outputs via Illumina BaseSpace Hub, IAB HDD or IAB FTP server.

Is it possible to provide extra bioinformatics analysis?

Yes, we will provide you with our price list on request.