Countdown started for IAB Day!

Mark your calendars, if you haven’t done it yet, as an unprecedented event is getting closer! On June 20th, we will host the first-ever IAB Day, dedicated to bringing together our esteemed experts in Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) and Optical Genome Mapping (OGM) with you—our valued customers.

The event will be held at the Science and Technology park of Palacký University in Olomouc – Šlechtitelů 813/21, building 47.

Join us for a day of innovation, collaboration, and discovery. We look forward to welcoming you and working together to push the boundaries of science and technology.

Program is ready, we are ready, so what can you expect?:

  • Expert Insights: Idea sharing, chance to consult your existing and future projects, finding the right solutions and peeking behind the scenes.
  • Exclusive Access: Tour our state-of-the-art facility and see our cutting-edge technology in action.
  • Networking: Connect with industry peers and explore collaborative opportunities.
  • Scientific Innovations: Learn about projects presented by our partners

There is still some time – don’t hesitate and book your place for free at

We look forward to welcoming you and exploring new frontiers in genomics together.