COGMM2023 Video Recordings Now Available

We are pleased to announce a development following the successful Czech Optical Genome Mapping Meeting 2023 (COGMM2023) held at IHOK FN Brno on June 21st.

The event served as a pivotal moment for the genomics field, gathering genetic diagnostical experts. We are happy to share that the video recordings from COGMM2023 have been released, providing an invaluable resource for those seeking to delve into cutting-edge technology.

COGMM2023 showcased the convergence of brilliant researchers, clinical professionals, and genomics experts, all dedicated to advancing the field. This release of video records adds to the event’s legacy by ensuring that its insights and knowledge are accessible to a wider audience.
We extend our appreciation to IHOK Fakultní nemocnice Brno for hosting and to all the presenters, with special recognition to Csaba Bödör, whose contribution enriched the discourse.
As we look ahead, the COGMM2023 video recordings stand as a testament to the event’s impact and the collaborative spirit that drives progress in genomics and healthcare.

Stay engaged, share these valuable resources, and join us in shaping the future of precision medicine and genomics.