Launched in the US market in 2019, the small benchtop Ionic Purification System enables the automated extraction of nucleic acids with dramatically increased yield and quality from a wide range of sample types, including cultured or sorted cells and formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues.


The world’s leading clinical decision support platform for complex genomic data, enabling rapid secondary and tertiary analysis of whole genome, whole exome and gene panel data at scale.

Tell Seq

Recently, an emerging technology developed by Universal Sequencing Technology (UST) has completely changed the scope of what a short read sequencer can do. The UST’s TELL-Seq linked read library technology enables short-read sequencers to produce super long-read results (average 20kb to 100kb).

Twist Bioscience

Innovative silicon-based DNA Synthesis platform created by Twist Bioscience (San Francisco, USA) enables the production of high-quality synthetic DNA oligonucleotides faster and more affordable than ever before.


Optical genome mapping with the Saphyr® System can detect all classes of structural variant ranging from 500bp to several Mb in length at high sensitivities, even those present at low allele fractions in heterogenous cancer samples, in an unbiased genome-wide manner.