IAB Projects departments

From one sample to the whole project

Every IAB departure is responsible for its goals and aims. We are there to help you with your projects from the very beginning to successful results.

Project managing department

We meet the customer at the beginning and at the end of his sequencing project. We discuss with each customer the choice of suitable kits for the preparation of the NGS library from their samples as well as the requirements for the input sample. We are not looking for limitations, we are looking for solutions.

We will discuss with you all the important parameters and create project documentation by mutual agreement. After completing the detailed project documentation, a quotation is created.

Our responsibility is also the transport of the samples to the IAB laboratory in Olomouc.

In the case that some samples do not pass QC, we contact the customer and discuss possible solutions.

At the end of the sequential project, we meet again to confirm the delivery of data and issuing an invoice. The accounting department helps a lot in these steps.

Our project managing team leader Petr Klempt studied at Charles University, from where he received his master’s degree in life science study. He is one of the best application specialists at IAB and his everyday touch with different types of projects is a guarantee of suggesting the best way for successful results.

Kateřina Kvapilová studied at Jihočeská Univerzita, from where she received his master’s degree in life science study. She is responsible for hiring new customers and taking care of them as well for big project administration.

Our assists Iveta Matějková helps us a lot with project managing and invoicing.

Zdeňek Tejcner is our chief accountant manager.