IAB Bioinformatics Department

Institute of Applied Biotechnologies Inc. (IAB) has been established in 2005 with a focus on research, development, and the manufacturing of products for molecular biotechnologies. The IAB bioinformatics department was settled down in 2013 from the very beginning, we focused on the analysis of sequencing data and data storage.

Our team now has 2 people.  Ondřej Brzoň (Biology in Charles University). and his colleague – Ekaterina Simonova (General and Applied Biochemistry) both perfectly educated on bioinformatics analysis.

At this moment bioinformatics department has three very powerful servers including Dragen Bio-IT Platform which is using highly reconfigurable field-programmable gate array technology (FPGA) to provide hardware-accelerated implementations of genomic analysis algorithms, such as BCL conversion, mapping, alignment, sorting, duplicate marking, and haplotype variant calling (for WGS 30X coverage from BCL to gVCF takes about 40 minutes). Fundamental features of the DRAGEN Platform address common challenges in genomic analysis, such as lengthy computing times and massive volumes of data.

Our company also developed FinalistDX which is an all-in-one NGS on-site solution software platform for small and medium diagnostics labs. FinalistDX is capable of analyzing data from DNA-seq (germline or somatic) and RNA-seq (miRNA). It also includes many NGS tools, such as QC and coverage control, conversion between data (hg19 <-> hg38), variant annotation, CNV calling, and data quality trimming and filtering. 

We are able to analyze data from any kind of sequencing technology (such as Illumina, Nanopore Technologies, Roche etc.) to any kind of animal or plant species in diagnostics or research areas. We have rich experience in how to handle big data (WES, WGS), de-novo assembly (SaRS-CoV-2), RNA-seq, DNA-seq, Metagenomics as well as Methylation sequencing.