About us

IAB team

The Institute of Applied Biotechnologies Inc. (IAB) has been established in 2005 with a focus on research, development, and the manufacturing of products for molecular biotechnologies. In 2014 NGS laboratories were set up and IAB became the provider of sequencing services for different types of “Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) projects. We provide services to both public and private healthcare and research partners.

The mission of IAB is to become a reliable provider of innovative, scalable, and flexible NGS services to meet the needs of customers involved in projects of different types and to enable researchers to explore DNA on a new scale, thus helping them to move their research to another level.

IAB specializes in sequencing services from sample delivery to the IAB laboratory in Olomouc to the transmission of analyzed data to the customer. For those who prepare their own NGS libraries, we offer workflow design, including a laboratory protocol and a range of products that IAB has in its portfolio.